Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Save Phoenix Nursery!

More than fifty campaigners came out on a rainy morning to lobby the board of Brighton University Governors outside of Mithras House on Lewes Road. The mixture of participants, from the very young to the old provided a vibrant display with local media turning out to cover the demonstrations. Trade Unions banners from Unison mixed with home made signs and placards but all with the same message: Save Phoenix Nursery!

The proposed plans to merge in July the Phoenix Nursery with the One World crèche in Mouslecoomb will likely result in the loss of jobs not to mention the detrimental impact on staff and students who rely on the childcare facilities.
Management had not even planned to inform staff or crèche users until March, it wasn't even on the agenda at the Governor's meeting. But word leaked out the anger amongst people was very clear today.

Local supporters of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition joined the demonstration and the parents and workers have our full support. TUSC candidate for Brighton Kemptown was for many years Chair of the Brighton Campaign for Nursery Education, and organised many meetings and demonstrations to increase state nursery education provision in Brighton. Partly as a result of this campaign, more schools in Brighton opened nursery classes so Dave is fully behind the nursery and the Unison campaign.

Come and find out about the Trade Unionist and Socialist election campaign, hear Dave and national TUSC sponsor Rail Union leader Bob Crow at the Brighthelm centre at 6:45pm, 9th March.