Saturday, 30 October 2010

Fantastic huge Brighton March Against the Cuts today Sat 30Oct2010

From Dave Hill

On the Brighton Anti-Cuts Demonstration 30 October 2010

What a brilliant march today, against the Cuts in Brighton, really well organised, too...  I think it was the biggest political demo since the Thatcher Cuts of the 1980s

And, of course, as people are affected directly by the cuts, and by privatisations, by cuts in pay, pensions and conditions, as schools lose teachers, hospitals lose nurses, and all council services are cut... the numbers will multiply- demanding an end to the Cuts. And we, as socialists, point to the need to ditch all the three main big business parties, and develop a socialist system of society- no more billionaires, million pound bonuses, fat cat executives and directors- instead a far more equal society, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic- pro human needs and public services and public democratic control over the major institutions (industries/ banks/ utilities), a raise in the minimum wage, a wealth tax on millionaires, and getting back the billions in taxes currently unpaid by big business and by the rich.  

On the Brighton march today there were a handful of identifiable Labour supporters, ie around 4 or 5 `Labour No Cuts’ (!!!!!) posters (at the front of the demo at the speeches in Victoria Gardens) and around 10, a group of them, among the 1500-2,000 demonstrators. A Pity Labour councils (and national Leadership) aren't opposing the Cuts... all the Cuts on the Poor and on the Welfare state... just wanting the Cuts to be a bit slower and (perhaps, a teeny bit less unfair!)

Labour came to the first Brighton anti-cuts organising meeting- a delegate meeting- (38 attendees), didn't come to the second, third or fourth). At the most recent Trades Council, one union branch (UNISON) asked for a Labour speaker on the platform of (today's) Anti-Cuts rally/ March... There was one Labour Speaker (out of 15 speakers)

Others speakers were the Green MP (Caroline Lucas), Socialist Party (Peter Offord), UNISON (Diana Leach), RMT (Garry Hassell), UCW local branch secretary, FBU (Fire Brigades Union) worker , Brighton Benefits Campaign (Pip Tindall, Green Party/Green Left), Brighton Unemployed Workers Centre (Tony Greenstein), Chris Baugh (dep gen sec of PCS), Dot Gibson (National Pensioners Convention), speaker from BrightStart Nursery, speaker from Connexions, a political officer from UCW. The 2 rallies (beginning of the march, end of the march) were chaired by Phil Clarke (exec Brighton and Hove Trades Council/Socialist Party) and Dave Jones (BrightStart Nursery/ Socialist Workers party), and a Sussex University Stop the Cuts Campaign speaker.

And of course, these demonstrations and marches will grow!

Dave Hill
Brighton Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition / Socialist Resistance/ Supporter of CNWP and of NSSN

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Watch This Space- Details to Follow- MASS MARCH AGAINST THE CUTS in Brighton SAT 30 OCT

leaflets and publicity to follow.

The Brighton Coalition Against the Cuts has had a couple of delegate organising meetings... attended by 28, and by 38 delegates from political organisations, trade union branches, voluntary and community organisations.

The Brighton Stop the Cuts Delegates meeting Mon 4 October2010 discussed taking the arguments and protests against public sector cuts forward.

The main points decided were:

1. Support and publicise plans being put in place by unions for action around the full Brighton and Hove council meeting on the 21st October. This will council meeting will include a discussion on in year cuts in Brighton and Hove and in particular the fate of the connextions service. Details TBC

2. To organise and build a large public demonstration on Saturday the 30th October in Brighton in protest at the huge cuts that will be outlined in the spending review on the 20th. The aim of this demonstration as the first Brighton weekend protest against the governments cuts plans will be to get a huge turnout and bring together all of the local campaigns to defend services. The plan is to begin at 12 noon at the Level.

3. We will need every part of the Stop the Cuts campaign to help with the building for this demo and are appealing for funds and support from unions and organisations across the city.

4. Please get in touch if you can distribute material, put up posters or have ideas or suggestions about the event. Please also get in contact if you can help with organising or playing at a fund-raising gig.

5. To plan local meetings across Brighton on the main estates to broaden out the campaign. Stalls should be happening from 12 o'clock Saturday on Boundary Road, Portsalde, the Hollingdean Dip, and Hollingbury Asda, contact for info/to help out.

6. To produce a newsletter and website for the campaign. A local newsletter with articles from the workers and service users under threat will be a very useful platform. Please email with articles and suggestions. Also to set up a website and produce anti-cuts window posters.

Dave Hill

Brighton TUSC public meeting - Resisting the Cuts in Greece and Britain

This Friday, 8 October