Saturday, 30 April 2011

TUSC leaflet for students resident at Sussex University. Vote Phil Clarke, Tony Greenstein and Dave Hill in the Brighton Council Election, May 5th, Hollingdean and Stanmer Ward.

Students Resident at Sussex University-
Vote for 3 campaigners against education cuts. Phil Clarke is a local teacher active against cuts in school education, Tony Greenstein works with the Unemployed Workers Centre. Both play a central role in co-ordinating student and worker/ trade union action against the cuts in Brighton and against imperialism and Zionism. Prof Dave Hill studied at Sussex University and played a major supporting role, speaking at many campus meetings and demonstrations, in the recent `Save the Sussex Six’ campaign, and the StC- Stop the Cuts- campaigns at Sussex University.
·         Free Education from  Nursery to University
·         Scrap the Fees
·         Restore the EMA grants for needy 16-19 year olds
·         Restore Funding for University Arts and Humanities and
    Language Courses
·         Against Racism, Sexism and Homophobia- For Social and Economic Justice and Equality

Tony Greenstein says `We need a mass united resistance against the government, which must involve student protests, industrial action by university and other workers, and action focussed on the new generation of younger students who face exclusion from higher education through the abolition of EMAs’.

Phil Clarke says `we are socialists, fighting for students’ rights to free education, and for workers rights, for a fairer, socialist society, and for the development of a new workers party. In Hollingdean and Stanmer Ward, which includes Sussex University

photo shows Dave Hill on the massive November 2010 national demo against Education Cuts. Dave writes about, and for, University occupations and resistance. See
The Brighton TUSC blogspot- including lots of action pics- at                                              
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