Monday, 24 September 2012

Why We Are Standing

The Con Dem government has subjected us to attacks on pensions, services, jobs, and welfare. However there is no alternative available to working and poor people; the Labour Party supports the cuts and offers no way to challenge them. The Green Party is administering cuts in Brighton, again with no strategy to fight back.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is an electoral alternative supported by leading figures in the rail, teaching, civil service, prison officers and fire-fighters trade unions, along with many socialist parties and groups.

The U.K. is a polarised nation. The richest 1,000 individuals saw their personal wealth grow by 30% in 2009/10 alone; in 2012 their collected wealth came to £414billion, a sum which could wipe out the deficit nearly four times over! Unemployment, according to official sources, now exceeds 2.6 million. In Brighton & Hove there are 10,000 living in child poverty with health and educational implications.

Cuts are not necessary; the money is there in society not only to stop the cuts but to improve public services through investment. Tax avoidance and evasion by the rich costs the economy £120 billion a year.

Local councils and MPs need to fight-back against these cuts. They must use their powers to encourage campaigns against every outsourcing, against every academy and against every cut. The government mustn't be allowed to get away with anything without being challenged by the people whose lives they are affecting. As your TUSC councillor I will do everything I can to build a movement and campaign against every attack to the community and individuals, as well as do my utmost to represent you and campaign on your behalf.

Local councils led by councillors claiming to be anti-cuts must build a campaign to win back the funding that is currently being robbed from us. Liverpool Council in the mid 1980’s won £60 million from the Thatcher administration through a mass campaign, enabling mass house building and job creation. As a TUSC councillor I would fight every cut and use the role as a platform to build a mass campaign, not just talking about fighting back, but encouraging the community to fight back.

In Britain there is a desperate need for a party that stands up for ordinary working and poor people – we need party worth voting for, not just the lesser of two evils! TUSC is a big step towards such a party – if you agree, join us in building the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition!

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition fights for a genuine party of the working-class and poor. All of the mainstream parties are wedded to cuts, privatisation, protecting big business and the banks over the interests of everyone else. TUSC stood candidates in every Brighton and Hove election since 2010 and aims to build a new mass workers party. For more information please contact:

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