Friday, 7 June 2013

Phil Clarke for Hanover and Elm Grove - 11th July 2013

The government is attacking public services to pay for the bankers’ crisis. These cuts affect everyone, but have hit the poorest harder with redundancies, wage freezes/cuts and cutbacks in benefits and public services. Meanwhile the profits, salaries and bonuses of the very richest soar. 

Mass campaigns are needed to oppose these attacks and genuinely anti-cuts councillors could help develop those campaigns. Unfortunately the Green administration is in disarray as it has failed to take a firm line and refuse to implement cuts. 

Staff at the bin depot face significant pay cuts, but why should they or any Brighton and Hove staff, service user or resident pay the price for the government’s cuts? 

Labour councillors voted with the Tories at the last budget meeting to increase the level of cuts! Across the country the handful of Labour councillors who vote against the cuts were expelled!

We need a genuine anti-cuts challenge in Brighton and Hove council not hand-wringing and crocodile tears. 

A single NO-CUTS councillor would be able to help build campaigns in our communities, workplaces and unions to defend our jobs and services.

•             No Council Tax Benefit Summonses

•             No to Academies and Free Schools – For Local Comprehensive Schools

•             Support the Campaign against outsourcing and privatisation at University of Sussex

•             Build mass campaigns locally to defend benefits, stop NHS privatisation

•             Build trade union strength and support the call for a 24 hour General Strike against austerity
·                     Oppose the development of National Park grade Downland at Toads Hole Valley