Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Dave Hill- your TUSC candidate- a fighter for the working class

Dave Hill is a former Labour Party councillor for Brighton Borough Council and East Sussex County Council, and led the Labour councillors in East Sussex, against the Thatcherite cuts in jobs and services- cuts that Con Lib and Lab all promise to carry out today!

He is also a former Labour Party Parliamentary candidate in Brighton.

As Labour Group Leader for East Sussex County Council he organised and led the largest peace-time political demonstration in the history of Lewes with a march and rally of 3,000 protesters as part of the Campaign Against the Cuts. This was at the time of Thatcher’s Conservative government cuts in public spending and restrictions on local government.
Dave was brought up in Brighton in a working class family from the East End of London. He was brought up in the back streets of Brighton, St. Martins St, off the Lewes Rd. He went to the local Westlain Grammar school. His brothers left school at 15, having both gone to under-funded secondary schools. This difference in provision, this educational segregation between sheep and goats at the age of 11 (with the 11-plus exam) left Dave with a passionate hatred of inequality, and a determination to fight for his class- the working class.
He is a graduate of the University of Sussex, has taught at a number of the region's colleges and became a Professor of Education Policy. He has written and edited many books and articles on social class, economic and social justice, socialism and education.
He now teaches at Middlesex University. He is a long-time active trade unionist for the lecturers union, having been a branch representative / shop steward for a decade and also regional chair.
Dave left the Labour Party over its policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its pro-big business policies which have resulted in the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.
He is vehemently opposed to the privatisation and marketisation of schools and of hospitals.
Dave says “Have a look at the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition policies! They are brilliant! Particularly retaining the minimum wage, renationalising services such as the railways, and capping fat cat pay. I am standing for TUSC in Brighton Kemptown to work for a radical redistribution of wealth and power and income to those of us who create the wealth and the profits- the working class”
Dave is a member of Socialist Resistance and a supporter of the Campaign for a New Workers’ Party.