Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thurs 19 March- Today's strike and picket line of UCU union members and supporters (students, other union reps and activists)

Excellent picket lines at the University of Sussex this morning- strong support by UCU members, by shop stewards and reps and activists of other unions- and by students- SP, SWP, StC (Stop the Cuts campaign)

Management has been criticised by Senate, by the University of Susses Students' Union (at a packed meeting yesterday- around a thousand at the meeting- couldn't all get in ti the meeting hall!.. passed a motion of no-confidence in the Uni Management... quite right too

If there is another UCU strike, hopefully the other main campus unions can also officially join in, UNITE and UNISON... their jobs of course are also affected.. 115 jobs including 53 lecturers and the rest are support/ student welfare etc staff.

Victory to the Strikers! keep Open the University Creche! An end to macho-management! No compulsory redundancies! Stop the Cuts!

I'll post some pics from this morning's picket line shortly

Dave Hill
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown