Friday, 23 April 2010

Campaigning Sat 23 April: The Great Balloon/ Bankers' Bonuses and Public Service Cuts Con-Trick

SAT 23 APRIL Brighton Kemptown TUSC events

11am meet at corner of Cumberland Rd., Brighton and London Rd....

or, see you at

11.30 Churchill Square (the main shopping complex in Brighton, 10 mins walk down Queens Rd) for THE GREAT BANKERS' RIP-OFF BALLOON STUNT... ballons, leaflets, speech.... event starts at 12..stalls there from earlier

12.30 off on the back of a truck, megaphoning, leafletting the East Woodingdean council estate and other areas

To contact Dave Hill email

Who'se there organising the event?... 12 or more SP people, 6 Brighton SR people, 5 or more London SR people... and, perhaps, some SWP .. and the great British public!

Come and join us there!  help us leaflet... help us get a proper Socialist MP for Brighton Kemptown... Dave Hill- A Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage, standing for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

the balloon leaflet is below... great stuff!