Thursday, 8 April 2010

How justifiable is that?

The election is off and running?

So, what are the main issues? SamCam's pregnancy? the fairly meaningless argument about 1% on National Insurance?

Talk about shifting the deckchairs on the deck of the Titanic...

The NewLab/ LibDem/Tory parties are like Tweedledum and Tweedeledee ... three peas in a  pod.

All promise savage Thatcher-plus attacks on wages, conditions of work and employment, and pensions. All promise public sector job slashes and public/ welfare service cuts. Look aout for your libraries, your/ our schools, our hospitals... the publicly provided and staffed sector that makes life more civilised than in the low-tax, low public expensiture economies and societies. In Brighton hundreds of job cuts are promised (unless the unions can defeat those proposals!) at Sussex University, at Brighton Council, and in the various public sector offices. Not long, before every school loses teachers, every hospital loses doctors and nurses and support workers.

Unless we resist. United, we can defeat these cuts.

And correct the obscenity whereby one person (today's Guardian, Bart Brecht) can `earn' £90 million in one year. That's right, £90 million! This works out that he takes as much in half an hour as members of my family- and millions of workers- earn in a year!

Tax the Rich! Raise Pensions and the Minimum Wage! Protect and Improve Public Services.

Dave Hill
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown

Dave Hill with Bob Crow and Dave Nellist