Thursday, 1 April 2010

Report and videos of speeches at the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national launch (Thurs 26 March 2010) now online

A Report of TUSC launch rally in London, with video of speakers including Brian Caton (Gen Sec of the Prison Officers Association, Chris Baugh, Asst Gen Sec of the civil service union PCS), Hannah Sell (Deputy general secretary of the Socialist Party) and Dave Nellist, socialist former MP, now online at

It was a brilliant meeting- excellent speeches, I reckoned around 300 people there from various trade unions as well as from the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers' Party, Socialist Resistance as well as from many other left groups.

The event was covered fully by the BBC radio 4 `Today' programme, and by BBCTV `Newsnight'.

It was, of course, ignored by almost the whole of the national Press, even though TUSC is standing in cities across the country, in between 40 and 50 constituencies!.